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You can also fly to Corvo Island if you are going to participate just in Indian Face Trail.

You can reach Flores Island from Lisboa, Ponta Delgada (Island of São Miguel) and Terceira Island. The airline that flies to Flores Island is Azores Airlines

You can reach São Miguel Island ou Terceira Island by Azores Airlines from:


  • From Portugal, there are direct flights from Lisbon, Porto and Funchal (Madeira Island)

  • From North America, there are direct flights from Boston, Providence and Oakland (USA) and from Toronto and Montreal (Canada)

  • From other European countries, there are direct flights from London, Frankfurt and Gran Canaria.

  • From Cape Verde, there are direct flights from Santiago Island.

Be aware that the number of flights and seats per flight are very limited, so book your trip in advance.


The main Island of the event is Flores Island. So, if you are going to take part in the 3 stages or at least in one stage in Flores Island, that's where you should stay.


Flores Island is a small island with 3 main villages, but the mobility around the island is not that easy. The bib collect and the bus and boat transfers departure are at the village of Santa Cruz das Flores (the airport is also here). Santa Cruz das Flores has some hotels, houses for renting and a good restaurant offer.

You can also stay in other places on the island. By doing so, we recommend you rent a car or ask your hotel for transfers for the start lines, from the finish line and to the boat pier and back.






In Flores Islands

If you are not going to stay in Santa Cruz das Flores or if you want to visit the island, we recommend you to rent a car in advance. You may also book a guided trip around the island.

Also, if you want to follow runners, you may provide transportation by renting a car or planning a ride with your hotel or any touristic company because the organization does not provide transportation for runners companions.

In Corvo Island

The runners of the Indian Face Trail will visit all the main touristic points on the island during the race (it's really a small island, with less than 500 habitants). 

If you want to follow any runner, you may ask on the pier for the van drivers to drive you around the island since the organization will not provide transportation por runners companion.

Between the islands

The trip from one island to the other is made by motor boats. There are just a few companies licensed to do so and the spots are very limited. Because of that, the organization will not provide transportation for anybody but the runners and the organization team. 



Ilha Verde




Experience OC

Tours of Flores


Bus Transfers to Start Line and From Finish Line: for runners only. Bus Stop at Santa Cruz das Flores. The organization will not provide transportation for followers.

Boat Transfer to and from Corvo Island: exclusive to Runners registered at the 3 Stage EWAA. Boat Pier at Santa Cruz das Flores.



The island of Flores is located in the Western Group of the Azores archipelago, on the North American Plate. It occupies an area of ​​141.7km ², mostly covered by mountainous terrain, characterized by great ravines and gigantic cliffs. The top of the island is the Morro Alto, at 914 meters of altitude. The population is 3 793 inhabitants (2011), dividing by the municipalities of Santa Cruz and Lajes das Flores. It's the westernmost point of Portugal (at Ilhéu de Monchique) and is often considered the most western point in Europe (if it is considered part of Europe since it is based on the North American Plate). It is one of the most beautiful of the Azorean archipelago, with a landscape marked by the strong presence of water that form streams, lagoons and beautiful waterfalls.

This island was included on 27 May 2009 in the list of the World Network of Biosphere Reserves of UNESCO for presenting aspects of a well preserved nature where there is a great abundance of forest characteristic of the forests of Laurisilva, typical of the Macaronesia, and also by the peculiarities of exceptional interest, namely the existence of "high cliffs that dominate most of the coastline, which is dotted by small islets.


Points of interest:

- Poço do Bacalhau: Located in Fajã Grande, it is a natural pool at the end of a waterfall 90 meters high, where you can swim.

- 7 Lagoas: Located inside the Flores caldera, these seven lagoons have their names linked to their characteristics and landscape: Lagoa Funda (Deep Lake), Lagoa Branca (White Lake), Lagoa Seca (Dry Lake), Lagoa Comprida (Long Lake), Lagoa Rasa (Shallow Lake), Lagoa da Lomba (Crest Lake) and Lagoa Negra (Black Lake). The latter is 100 meters deep.

- Islet of Monchique: The westernmost point of Europe, this islander used to be a reference point for adjusting navigation instruments and for checking the route.

- Coast, Nature and Fajãs - the beauty of the island is unique and exuberant.


What to do: Hiking, Trail Running, Diving, Canyoning and Bird Watching


Corvo Island is the smallest of the islands of the Archipelago of the Azores, located in the Western Group, on the North American Plate, north of Flores Island. It corresponds territorially to the municipality of Vila do Corvo, the only municipality in the Portuguese Republic that does not have any parish.


The island occupies a total surface of 17,13 km ², with 6.5 km of length by 4 km of width. If it is considered part of the North American island, due to its position on the North American Plate, it would be the point more to the East of the American continent.


It is formed by a single extinct volcanic mountain - Monte Gordo, crowned with a large hollow of caldron called locally of Caldeirão, with 3.7 km of perimeter and 300 meters of depth and where is lodged the Lagoon of Caldeirão. In it you can see several lagoons, peat bogs and small "islets", two long and five round. The highest point of the island is the Estreitinho on the southern edge of the Cauldron, 720 meters above sea level.

The whole coast is high and steep, constituting the central cone of the volcano, except for the South, where in a lava fajã was established the Village of Corvo, the only settlement of the island. The escarpment west, with an almost vertical cliff with about 700 m of height on the ocean, is one of the greater coastal elevations existing in the Atlantic. The island has 430 inhabitants (2011).

Points of interest:

- Viewpoint of the Caldeirão: Crater with 2.3 km in diameter and 300 m deep. In the interior it is said that the Azorean islands are drawn in the landscape.

- Corvo Wild Bird Interpretation Center: it is the first stop for those who want to get to know the Natural Park and the Corvo Island Biosphere Reserve. Here you can explore the theme of the wild birds that occur in the archipelago, as well as the practice of bird watching, tourism activity that places Corvo Island as a place of high importance in the context of international birdwatching.

- Windmills: Of Mediterranean influence, they are of smaller size than those of northern European influence. In these black rock constructions, the dome and the triangular sails rotate so as to constantly follow the winds.


Things to Do: Birdwatching, Hiking, Trail Running

PROGRAM (provisory)

September 18 (Friday)

.10am to 1pm: Race Bib Collection (by appointment)

.12:45 a.m. - Meeting at Museum and Municipal Auditorium of Santa Cruz das Flores to transfer to the beginning of the event 1st stage VK Stairway to Heaven

.1pm - Bus Departure to Fajã Grande ((only for registered runners))

.2pm - Start of the race VK Stairway to Heaven

from 4 pm. - Tranfers to Santa Cruz das Flores (only for registered runner))


September 19 (Saturday)

08.00 a.m. - meeting of the athletes at Boqueirão Pier (Santa cruz das FGlores) to transfer to the beginning of the 2nd stage at Corvo (exclusive for runners that signed up for the 3 stage race EWAA)

08.30 a.m. - Departure of the boat to Corvo Island

10 am. - Start of the race Indian Face Trail (Corvo pier)

2 pm. - time limit for arrival of athletes of the event Indian Face Trail

2.30 pm - snack at Corvo

4 p.m. - Departure of the boat to Santa Cruz das Flores Pier (exclusive for runners that signed up for the 3 stage race EWAA)


September 20 (Sunday)

9.30 a.m. - Start of the race EWAT (Flores) at Boqueirão (Santa Cruz das Flores, near "Fábrica da Baleia"

2pm. - Start of Transfers from Fajã to Santa Cruz das Flores (only for registered runner))

7:30 p.m. - time limit for arrival of athletes of the event EWAT (Flores)

8pm - prize award delivery at Museum and Municipal Auditorium of Santa Cruz das Flores

Don't forget your mandatory equipment
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You won't find sport shops in Flores Island, so don't forget to bring everything you need from home. For more information about mandatory equipment, check out the rules of the event.

Pay attention to the bus and boat transfer schedule. If you miss the bus, with luck, you may find some taxi to the star line, But if you miss the boat you certainly miss the race.


We hope you have the most incredible time during this trip. But remember, this is an adventure on the westernmost island of Europe, in the Middle of North Atlantic. We may face bad weather, we may need to deal with some shortage of supplies, we won't find a great offer of restaurants and services...

But we'll certainly have the most amazing experience!

Welcome to Extreme West Atlantic Adventure by Azores Trail Run®